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Mileage Award Program

The AACA Mileage Award Program has been established to recognize AACA members who drive an AACA-approved vehicle throughout the calendar year. Participation is voluntary and tracking mileage is the owner's responsibility: although subject to review. It is intended that all activity and mileage will be governed by the vehicle's owner.

Any time a registered vehicle is driven - anywhere for any reason - the mileage counts towards the award level. This includes miles a vehicle is driven to/from a meet or tour, miles when on tour, and trips to the grocery store or for any personal, regional, or national use. Miles where the vehicle is towed or (emergency or non-emergency) do not count towards the total driving miles.


The vehicle owner must register each vehicle that they would like to include in the MAP Program by filling out an application and mailing a $25.00 check payable to AACA. Once the application is received at national, the vehicle badge will be mailed to the owner. (The first badges will not be mailed out until after May 2012).

You can obtain a MAP Application Form either online or from the National office.

AACA Headquarters
PO Bo x417
Hershey PA 17033

Please use a copy of the MAP Application Form to record your trips and mileage. When a vehicle is driven 2,000 miles it is eligible for the first MAP Award.

1st Award - 2,000 miles
2nd Award - 5,000 miles
Subsequent Award(s) - at each 5,000-mile increment

To obtain your awards, please fill out your record keeping form and mail it to Sherman Carey at the address listed. Once Mr. Carey approves your request, the award(s) will be mailed to you from National Headquarter. Please keep a copy for your own records.

All mileages is retroactive to January 1, 2012

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