Out In An Automobile
Words by Vincent Bryan
Music by George Evans
Published 1905

[verse 1]
Isn't it nice when you go for a ride,
Out in an automobile
Isn't it great when your girl's at your side
Out in an automobile
The motors are sparking and you ought to know,
You must do the same*, or she'll think you are slow
There has to be sparking, or else you can't go
Out in an automobile.

Out in an automobile
in with the girl that you love
Riding at ease on the wings of the breeze,
Like birds in the blue sky above
Teach her to steer the machine
Get both her hands on the wheel
You kiss and you squeeze just as much as you please,
when you're out in an automobile

[verse 2]
Oh what a chance for a honeymoon trip
Out in an automobile
Only your wifie yourself and a grip**,
Out in an automobile
You're spooning and mooning and gliding along,
Softly the motors are humming their song,
Keep to the right and you'll never go wrong,
Out in an automobile

[repeat chorus]

*sparking also means to court, woo, or romance
**a container for carring clothes, or perhaps in this case, a picnic lunch