Take Me Out For a Joy Ride
Words by Ren Shields
Music by Kerry Mills
Published 1909

[verse 1]
Sweet little, neat little Gwendolin Fields,
She was just daffy 'bout automobiles,
And ev'ry day she worked some kind of scheme,
To get a ride in a benzine machine;
She always was there with the big "goo-goo eye"
At every Chauffeur who went passing by.
Her style was so charming, her smile was so gay,
When they'd run their autos close to her she'd say:

"Take me out for a joy ride, a girl ride, a boy ride,
I'm as reckless as I can be,
I don't care what becomes of me;
Let's go in the parkway, the dark way, the lark way,
All afternoon we will spin and spoon* on an old joy ride.

[verse 2]
Fly little, sly little Rudolph O'Neil,
Took her out once in his automobile,
Ten miles from town motor broke down, of course,
Farmers all gathered and yelled, "Get a horse."
Nothing to carry her home could be found,
A Marathon she had to do back to town,
And now she's laid up with both feet in a sling,
So never again will sweet Gwendolin sing:

[repeat chorus]

*to kiss and cuddle