Keep Away From The Fellow Who Owns An Automobile
by Irving Berlin
Published 1912

[verse 1]
There's a certain flirtin' man with money in the bank,
The man I mean owns a machine, the kind you have to crank;
His great delight, is to invite a girlie for a whirl,
In his machine and I just mean to kind o' warn each girl!

Keep away from the fellow who owns an automobile,
He'll take you far in his motor car,
Too darn far from your Pa and Ma,
If his forty horsepower goes sixty miles an hour;
say Good-bye forever, good-bye forever,
There's no chance to talk, squawk or balk,
You must kiss him or get out and walk;
Keep away from the fellow who owns an automobile.

[verse 2]
Mary White went out one night in Harry's new machine,
They rode quite far, when Harry's car ran out of gasoline,
The hour was late, and sad to state no gas could Harry get.
The latest word I, overheard, was that they're walking yet!

[repeat chorus]