He'd Have To Get Under--Get Out and Get Under (To Fix Up His Automobile)
Words by Grant Clarke and Edgar Leslie
Music by Maurice Abrahams
Published 1913

[verse 1]
Johnny O'Connor bought an automobile,
He took his sweetheart for a ride one Sunday,
Johnny was togged up in his best Sunday clothes,
She nestled close to his side
Things went just dandy 'till he got down the road,
Then something happened to the old machinery,
That engine got his goat,
Off went his hat and coat,
Ev'rything needed repairs.

He'd have to get under, get out and get under
To fix his little machine,
He was just dying to cuddle his queen,
But ev'ry minute when he'd begin it,
He'd have to get under, get out and get under,
Then he'd get back at the wheel
A dozen times they'd start to hug and kiss
And then the darned old engine it would miss.
And then he'd have to get under, get out and get under,
And fix up his automobile.

[verse 2]
Millionaire Wilson said to Johnny one day,
Your little sweetheart don't appreciate you,
I have a daughter who is hungry for love,
She likes to ride by the way,
Johnny had visions of a million in gold,
He took her riding in his little auto,
But ev'ry time that he went to say "marry me,"
'Twas the old story again.

[repeat chorus]