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Originally introduced to the wealthy, motoring elite in 1905, the publication focused on racing, transcontinental motoring, accessories, and the motoring life in general.  MoToR also did a fantastic job providing performance reports, reviews and opinions.

In August, 1924, MoToR shifted its focus away from the motoring elite and started targeting mechanics, dealers and salesmen.  While articles had always been technical they would now increase in technicality and new issues were discussed including add-on sales (accessories, service, etc.), labor issues, service center layout and the new and used car markets in general. This audience shift can be attributed to the fact that by 1924 cars weren’t just for the elite anymore so more money could be made by targeting the industry workers.

Not long after World War II, MoToR cover art would become pretty bland and uninspired.  The publication still exists today but those early issues are a tremendous resource for researchers and historians.

Chris Ritter
AACA Librarian

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